Monday, April 22, 2013

Chirp Chirp!

Oh, how I love the Spring... Every year I feel like it literally passes by so quickly here in Southwest Florida.  Our 80-90 degree weather is upon us.  We are seeing our daily afternoon spurts of rain.  I cannot complain, however, because we see that the birds are chirping and butterflies are all over our passion vines.

In our house we've been bird watching with our freshly built bird feeders.  Our regular feathered guests are mostly Red Cardinals and Blue Jays.  It's been so nice to enjoy seeing nature in our own back yard.  Thus, I've been doing a lot of research on building a kid friendly backyard that is consumed with our own personalized bits and pieces of enjoyable fun.  I have found amazing things consisting of recycled tires, pots of flowers, and beautiful bird houses.

Here are some fun butterfly clips that we did for our "spring" unit.  My participants include my three year old son and my six year old who adores them just as much.  We placed them alongside our bird houses and they are oh-so, beautiful!

My next project is definitely going to be converting a corner of our yard into a simple and shaded reading nook.  If the ants will allow, of course.

Candice S

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