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We all know that homes across the nation and around the world are trying to learn the most basic form's of "going green".  Populations are working together to help eliminate unnecessary waste and to teach the benefits of recycling.  I am going to start a series of posts on the importance of recycling and will link the posts to this section of my blog.  I will discuss the benefits of recycling, why we need to, where to go for additional resources, etc.  I find that there is significant resources that are relevant, yet unknown to the consumers- for instance, allows you to earn points by recycling and get rewards.  It PAYS to recycle and in some states, it actually does!  Houses around the world are unaware of a lot of the benefits of being more earth friendly, among other important tools for supporting the environment.  As I find new information, I promise to share!

If you are looking for some practical recycling idea's to get further use out of household products, you will probably be able to locate some here.  You can use much of your common household products that are easily disposable, for repurposing into crafts and for use in your at-home classroom.  The benefits are great and the opportunities for upcycling and repurposing are endless.  I have also included some other materials that are easily used for crafts and more!

Baby Food Jars
Hand Scrub
I-Spy Game
Paper Weight
Musical Jars

Bottle Caps


Cereal Boxes

Coffee Filters

Egg Cartons
Counting Game

Gift Boxes
Picture Puzzle

Gift Box Ribbon


Sensory Box Characters

Oatmeal Containers
Reindeer Food Container

Pine Cones
Christmas Ornament
Pine Cone Turkey

Paper Bags

Santa Advent Calendar

Sensory Trays and Tubs

Scrapbooking Scraps (Ribbons, buttons, sewing materials, paper, etc.)
Ballerina Wand

Toilet Paper Rolls


Wrapping Paper
Cover Lids and Jars

****Recycle Bins:  If you don't have one, get one!  Call your local trash company and they provide one for you.

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