Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I-Spy A Ghost :)

I-Spy Supplies:  Great Value Cherry Jar,  Rice For "Filler", Lincoln Log, Plastic Ring, Fake French Fry, Buttons, A Candy Bracelet, and A Sea-Shell.

We have had a busy school and work week.  Our family is still feeling the leftover congestion of our cold's but we are feeling MUCH better and are now trying to get into the swing of things again.

I decided with all of the uproar of creating I-Spy games in the blogging world, that Harmony and I would take the time to do one ourselves.  Harmony LOVES it!  I basically just went to Harmony's room and dipped, yes "DIPPED", my hand into her toy box and pulled out a handful of small things.  After I added what we wanted into our recycled jar, I then added the rice as the filler.  I took green construction paper to cover the Great Value Brand Label.. and then sealed the lid and paper with hot glue.  
Whaaaa laaa!

Onto making our Halloween Ghosts.  I loved this project and so did Harmony.  Mine is on the left and Harmony's is on the right.  She wanted her Ghost to have a nose.

Supplies:  Elmer's Glue, Black Construction Paper for Nose, Googly Eyes, and Wax Paper.  
It took about 24 hours for dry time.

*I lost my memory card to my camera and would like to say that I am sorry for such poor quality pictures, which are all taken via my Mac webcam.*

Have a great day!!

Candice S.

I'm linking my Ghost Project to:

Visit thecsiproject.com


  1. I love the ghosts...what a great idea!
    I spy is always fun!

  2. Cute, the ghosts look like fun. And that version of I spy is just easy enough, I might give it a try!


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