Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sprout Online . Com :) You have to sing it!

Sprout Online has crafts, recipes, videos, and all sorts of activities that you and your youngsters can participate in together.  Harmony and I have so much fun (when we have time) getting new fun idea's from Sprout and playing their online games, etc.  They have an array of fun resources for learning with your kids.

This is "My Refrigerator", which allows us to save our favorite crafts, upload our crafts where they can show them on some of Sprout's shows.. like, The Sunny Side Up Show, The Goodnight Show w/ Nina and Star, and Caillou.  Those three are Harmony's favorite, must watch, shows!  :)  You can also share recipes, crafts, print out AMAZING learning tools, and so much more!  *I am the one doing the "clicking", as we feel Harmony isn't quite ready for computer usage yet.   

 Go take a's fun, creative, and it's FREE! 

Candice S.

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