Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"I am not a hoarder, I am not a hoarder.."

I have this "tendency" to take other people's, mainly family..ok, just family's, stuff when they are not looking or even in front of them for that matter.  If I know that they don't use it or if they offer's pretty irrestible for me to just say, NO.  This leads me to believe that my spring cleaning and crap removal system are becoming rather pointless because I just keep cosuming more..CRAP.  I always feel like there's something I can repurpose, re-use, or give-away.  Or, I want to keep it just because it was something memorable from my childhood.  I should write an article on hoarding..specifically when you are in your early twenties and you're a hoarder.  (Oh Lord.. I am getting into my mid-twenties..ewww....) 

For instance.  You must read the following confession.  This was just a recent Facebook Status of mine...  :o)  Just thought I'd share.  Hopefully posting some fun stuff in the next few days when I get a breather! 

"I have successfully raided my Mother's House.. walking away with a bread baking pan, a bundt (sp) pan, and a large muffin tin. Magazine's for arts-n-crafts and scented pinecones. What a find! I love rummaging through stuff that people don't use..especially when they're on vacation. :o) .. Now picking up the beautiful, Harmonious Bonious."

Are any of you hoarder's that find you must keep something even when you know that you really don't "need it"?

 P.S.  My mother and I have a wonderful relationship, even though she knows that I often times, "borrow" some of her belongings and never return them.  Ever.  That being said, I know that she isn't going to miss the 8 x 10 frame I also took.  {Big Guilty Smile}

Happy Wednesday!
Candice S.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Craft Share:: Inspire Me, Monday ::

Happy Monday!!  I have literally had more time to surf the internet and show love and support on fellow blogger's pages, rather than blogging or creating something of mine own.  :(  .. I still have a sick family over here and am praying that this cold virus is slowing making it's exit out the door.  I have, however, found some really neat and inexpensive ways (we love those!) to create some beautiful pieces .. Check it out!

The Book Sling is such a great idea and an awesome alternative to having bookshelves.  Not to consider, that it is so much fun!  My four year old would love this!  ..Now, I need some volunteer's to come on over and sew them for me.  :o)  Thanks.  P.S.  I'll pay shipping.  hehe

You see that big ol' spider up there???  That's how big we have them here in the South.  Yeeks.  ..And no, I'm not kidding either.  :/

I actually came across a fall version of this coffee filter wreath, but can't find it for the life of me!  This one is beautiful, elegant, charming..  I just have this thing for not only using coffee filters for crafting, but using "crap" around the house that doesn't require me to make a "to buy" list.  :)  Love it!!

Had to throw something in here for the kiddies..I found the above website for fall crafts that I just love!!  


Have a great day and Happy Crafting!

Candice S.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just wanted to share..

How blessed I am.. 

Have a great day everyone and be on the look out for Part 2 of, The Intuitive Parent.  :o)

Candice S.

Bride Blu

I love everything vintage, especially jewelry.  It could be pendants, earrings, rings, necklaces.. doesn't matter.  I can remember being so young and having such a passion for collecting these beautifully classic pieces.  ..It all started when I would go visit my grandmother's house and rummage through her costume jewelry.  She'd always let me take what I wanted.  Oh, how I miss those days when I could look at those beautiful hues of turquoise, feather dusted gold, and solid quality beads and necklaces.

Luckily, I came across the most adorable and affordable vintage shop.  Bride Blu carries repurposed vintage jewelry.  Cat is the owner of the shop and is the sweetest thing, ever!  You must go and check out her gorgeous products.  They not only have more than reasonable prices, but also have reasonable shipping fees.  

Bride Blue carries brooches, necklaces, earrings for your "listeners" (Love it!), lockets, and so much more.

Oh how I love these beautiful pieces..

Bride Blu ::Annabelle

Bride Blu ::Julia

If you love vintage, you will love Bride Blu and all it has to offer.  Cat's handy work is exceptional and goes beyond timeless beauty.

Have a great day!

Candice S.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I won a blog award!! Oh yaaaayyy!

  I have been blessed by getting my first Blog Award.  Yaayyyyyyy Me!  :o)  This is extremely exciting for a new blogger!  I am beyond thrilled!
First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to Silent Chatter for giving me this award.  :o)  You must check out her site to know that she is an inspiring new mom, that is a Versatile Blogger.  She has an array of topics that she covers, photography, mommy-hood, blogging tid-bits, and much more.  

    In conclusion, there are rules that I must follow but I wanted to say that not only does blogging assist in organizing my weekly activities (even though I suck at staying on a schedule..) it also allows me to meet some awesome individuals.  I try and try to give credit where credit is due when I find awesome learning activities and crafts from exceptional people.  ... And I also tend to run off at the mouth and speak about a random selection of topics, which ultimately landed me this award.  Ha!  I am now successfully obsessed with writing down my thoughts and opinions, taking pictures just so I can post them on Rattles and Redheads, and showing you how much fun we have.  I love it!

The rules for winning this award are as follows:
* Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
* Share 7 things about yourself.
* Pass the award along to 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are fabulous.
* Contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award.

Seven Things About Me:
1.  I am a horrible house wife who never intended for this to be my calling until I saw the most beautiful red-head in the world.  We still have a lot of perfecting to do in the housekeeping department.  LOL
2.  My deodorant cap, laundry soap cap, and any other cap that can accumulate a residue must be kept clean at all times.
3.   I am a night owl.
4.  I go to school full-time, online.  I do not do a single bit of it during the day so I can get time in with my kids... my husband is rather neglected.  :/
5.  I'll read a book before I watch a movie.
6.  I can sit at the computer for hours doing research, assignments..whatever.  But, I can't sit down and watch a movie for 90 minutes.
7.  I save bugs and animals that enter my house.  Unless you are diseased or have eight-leg's (Daddy Long Legs not included) must be "taken care of."
I hope you enjoyed these because I could have shared a book-full about the unique and weird things that make me, me.  ;)

And.. the following blog's will receive "The Versatile Blogger" award.  I am inspired and enlightened by them everyday.  I hope that you get a chance to stop by and take a look into the lives and idea's that move them to be who they are and share what they share.  :)
Truly Beautiful and Inspiring Blog's:
Peaceful Island Mother

4 Crazy Kings

ABC and 123

Twin Dragonfly Designs

Homemade by Jill

Life in the Pitts

I could have listed a million more blog's that I try to read.. there's just not enough time in my day.  :)  Enjoy.. because I do!

Have a great day!

Candice S.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Fantastic Dr. Seuss and Fun.

Book of the Day:  Yertle the Turtle by Dr. Suess  

Activity: Observing our weather.  Harmony is learning about the different seasons and "cannot wait for fall" (as she tells me).. so we are going to use this weather recording sheet to observe and record our daily weather.  

Word of the day:  
Meteorologist: A person who studies weather and weather conditions.
Harmony has an extremely developed vocabulary so learning new words is fun for her...and us.  :)

My family has been deathly ill with a cold (maybe not to that extreme) so my posts have been non-consistent and disorderly.  I do apologize.  At the beginning of the week, when I thought I was going strong, I decided to get some projects done for Harmony's room while she was in school.  The plaque below was a purchase from the Dollar Tree.. I love the Dollar Tree.. and the beautiful print-out piece of art is from The Free Art Project @ Indie Fixx.  I just applied Mod Podge to the wooden piece, cut out the picture, and then applied it.  It came out so beautiful.  I couldn't be any more pleased, and my daughter loves it too!   

Here's another fun activity that I told you guys we would be doing.  I actually put together this puzzle on Monday, when Harmony was in preschool.  When she came home, I had it wrapped up and ready for her use.  She loved it!  I got the idea from Plaid Kids Craft, which has various fun family oriented projects that provide the level of difficulty.  Go check out their site  "after" you tell me what you think of our puzzle.  ;)
Mod Podge back of paper printout
Here's what it looks like after its been fitted and applied with Mod Podge.
I used a utility knife to carefully cut between the sticks.  *Be careful, because I did one section to quickly and it lifted the  picture*

I hope you guys have enjoyed this week.. even though I haven't had too much time outside of blowing my nose and helping my kids blow their's..

Have a great day and Happy Crafting!!

Candice S.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Intuitive Parent, Part 1

I was having a heart felt conversation with one of my family members this morning about the "do's and don't's" for infants.  I realized that as I was trying to force my opinion on her about something she felt wasn't appropriate for her child, I was one of those overprotective parents once too and still am.  I followed my pediatrician's advice religiously, I had the baby books, and I did a ton of research.  Needless to say, I feel extremely qualified as a parent and having four years of parental experience to prove it.  I am a parent that is full of knowledge, and sometimes that knowledge compels me to throw my opinion's out at other parents.  It also causes me to lapse in the guideline's of certain by products, because I know the type of parent that I am and I won't leave the sight of my baby who might be eating something (food) that could cause him to choke.  The point is, I'm right there and some parents might not be, hence the by-products need for age requirements.  The conversation was about teething biscuits.

Earth's Best Teething Biscuits.

Made out of Barley or Wheat, and 100% organic.  They are used for teething babies and for babies who have started solid foods.  My six month old little man loves them, but hasn't cut any teeth yet.  I, however, watch him religiously to make sure that as the biscuit dissolves he is only sucking and not clamping down so pieces do not get in his mouth.  He sits up on my lap while he chews on them.  This product can be a choking hazard for parents who give them to their children unattended, which should never be done.

I started giving Mark Jr. these biscuits because he loves food and hates teething rings, cold or warm.  What does he love even more?  .. Mommies milk.  That being said, I wanted to give him something that would keep him happy when his teeth are bothering him because I don't believe in giving my babies medicine for every ache and pain if there is another alternative for them.  He loves them.  I love them.  I watch him while he chews on them.  We are happy.  :)

More personal parenting tips for youngsters, by your's truly..

Mark Jr. will not get juice until he is a year old because he'll be getting enough servings of fruit from his baby food, eliminating the need for juice until his first birthday.  When he starts getting juice it will contain a 50/50 split of water and juice until he is three years old.  Doctor's orders.  I haven't decided about cow's milk yet only because of the recommendations for breastfeeding so we are going to work with our peditrician on what to do and when.  Breastfed babies are harder to wean and I am not sure of the weaning process.  I do, however, intend to breastfeed until he is a year old (if he doesn't try to bite them off HA!).  I was unable to do this with my daughter because of poor guidance, so this road in my parenting life is unexperienced.  :)

I tend not to flaunt the time well spent with my kids or condemn other parents who do things differently than I do.  I love sharing fresh idea's about parenting and finding new outlets to do things that aren't always the norm.  ...I do like to promote these new ways of parenting and fresh idea's to my pediatrician so they know that I do my research and I know what I'm talking about.  I'm an intuitive and well-informed parent who listens closely to doctor's and equally, to alternative methods.

I will definitely be posting more on my personal opinions on infant and pre-schooling parenting for sure.

What are your parenting tid-bits?
Where do you clash in performing parenting norms?

I would love to hear from you!

Candice S.
**The reviews on this specific product(s) are strictly that of a personal opinion and not submitted as a paid for review or advertisement for this product.  They are perceived out of personal want and use by Rattles and Redheads.**

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Did you know..

Wolf spiders carry their babies on their backs.

Reading to your kids when they're younger, promotes a passion for reading when they're older.

I loved vampires before The Twilight Saga and even read the book when it came out in 2005.  :)

I saw my first horror flick when I was five years old and now I'm hooked.

One of my babies is white all over.. sits in my garage...and occasionally receives kisses that I blow to her.. She is my 1999 Ford Mustang.

I learned to skate when I was four years old.

I am impatient.

I'm not a sappy kinda gal nor do I appreciate romantic flicks...Ok.  Maybe occasionally.

I cannot stand hypocrites, dirty bathrooms, or kitchens.  Ever.

Say this and repeat daily:

If there is a will, there is a way.
Aspire and make it happen.
Make a plan.
Adapt to it.
Don't make excuses.
Your past isn't what's holding you back.
It's you.
Trust me.

I've been through a tornado.

I was a pastor's daughter for 18 years.

I started working at 13 years old and stopped when I had my daughter at 20 years old.

I should have been an exterminator, for I know way more about bugs than a normal person should.

I hate the beach, especially the sand.., and sunlight is my enemy.  :)

I love to create stuff even when it comes out like crap.. and I'll probably even post pictures of it on here thinking that it's amazing!  LOL

I can't make jello.  Don't ask me why..just an impairment.

I have extreme OCD.

I enjoy and even gross out my closest friends and family members by researching abnormal and weird diseases.  Just because I can.

I am the Google Queen.

I love Research.  Learning.  ..And knowledge.

Vintage is amazing.

I'm a hoarder at heart.. but am trying to be abundant in gifting my crap to other's.

I have been writing a book since 2005.  It's called, Counterfit.

My husband IS my other half.

Vinegar kills bacteria and can be used for windows, countertops, floors, rid of stink-ness, and bacteria in laundry.

I wrote a children series for my daughter.

I didn't use my glue-gun for four years because it was intimidating.

My children have lifted my snob-ish spirit.. and now I just know that I'm awesome instead of flaunting it.  HA!

I am happy.

I am in-love.

I love literature!

I have my Associates Degree in Business.  Pursuing my Bachelor's in Project Management (which is so much fun for me).. and will obtain my Master's in 2012-2014.  Yayyyy me!

A must-have is a To Do List.  Period.

Sticky notes are everywhere, all of the time..

and I hate putting laundry away.. so my husband does it for me rather frequently just so it gets done.

I love my life and have a passion for change, even if it's minor.

What words of wisdom do YOU have for someone, anyone?

What inspires you, moves you, and makes you who you are?

Candice S.

Harmony's Drawing

I have an amazing daughter who has always loved to draw.  By draw I mean, create abstract art that has no limits and no restrictions.  So many times I tried to push her to color inside the lines or write her name, but she wasn't ready.  She would look up at me, smile, and then purposely start coloring "outside" the lines.

Today is a great day.  A day that my little artist drew a picture that is amazingly beautiful.  I couldn't be prouder.

Take a look.  This is a day that makes me so proud of her.  Every day this child amazes me or speaks so profoundly that I forget she is only four.

From an overjoyed and extremely blessed, Mom..

Candice S.

Her depiction of our family, a flower, a watering can, and Gilbert The Cat (From Calliou)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mommy and Me Projects

Harmony's in preschool, officially, two days a week.  She was originally going everyday for three hours a day, but Mark Jr. and myself had to commute 2+ hours every day.  That's a lot of sitting!!  Regardless, of someone else teaching my pretty princess, I have planned additional weekly activities that will promote her artistic abilities and development.  Plus- we have so much fun doing these kind of fun activities together!!!  Soo.....the following is a list of projects we plan on the doing in the next few weeks.  I'll keep this list in the "Kids Corner" section of my site so I can up date it weekly.

Upcoming Projects at The Kid's Corner:

Paper Roll Butterfly

Flowers with Skewer

Create Lap-Book

Mod Podge Puzzle

Dr. Seuss Sock Puppet

Card Board Wall Art- Baseball Themed

Frame Red Sox Onesie Keepsake

Fall, Fall, FALL Crafts.
If you have any idea's let me know!!!  :)

..And, two current craft surprises from Mommy.  Shhhh.


Check out these fabulously fun and creative resources:

Hooray for Seussville!!!!
Full of activities for the Teachers that call themselves, Mommies.

Printable Dr. Seuss Activities and Pages

Plan your weekly theme

Preschool Printables and Idea's

Look for the weekly updated version in our "Kids Corner."


Candice S.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Repurposed Candle Holder: The New Attempted Art Piece.

Happy Saturday!  Weekends are very busy for us now and are packed with house cleaning, catching up on school and papers, and any other projects I come up with.  Harmony has started preschool so being as we have one car on the road, I bring Mark to work.  Our commute is an hour one way.  Needless to say, I am now out of the home five days week and see the car a whole lot more than paper and glue.  This weekend I planned for Harmony and I to do several different fun projects...

I have been on the biggest mission to create something that is bright and artistic to use in my bedroom.  HA!  Bright soooo isn't me.  However, I'm trying to welcome fun and unique elements into my home to liven it up so it isn't so plain and simple.

I have two white, UGLY, votice candle stands that I have never really used because ..well, they're white and they don't match anything in my house.  I took some maroon colored tissue paper and covered the largest votive candle stand that I had with Mod Podge and then several layers of the tissue paper.  I then decided to use some clock scrap booking icons that I purchased for a $1.97 at Target last week for the decorations.  I used my hot glue gun to apply them and then had decided I wasn't too happy with the tissue paper color.  I wanted to spruce it up so I went to my china cabinet where I have a tea set that was given to me from my childhood.  Why not utilize it, right?  It has been sitting around for ten years!  ...So I did.  I love the way it came out..but should have used a different colored tissue paper.  Next time I'll think that part through a little more.  :)  I'm going to use it for jewelry that I take off daily and don't want to just "throw" into my jewelry box.... Thought it would be a perfect piece right on my dresser.
Slot for random items, a ring holder, & earring holder

Love my jewelry box with matching photo of my sister and I.
Have a great weekend!

Candice S.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Facial Masks and Body Recipes

Harmony and I love love LOVE making homemade masks and scrubs.  She looks totally adorable with them on too!!  I'll have to take pictures next time so you can see what we look like!

Most of the ingredients you probably have lying around the house are the ones that are easiest to convert into a facial mask or body scrub.  These are the ingredients that I personally find are most useful for combination to oily skin.  ..And they're yummy!

Plain Yogurt
(Cool and Refreshing)

Oatmeal Ground
(Makes excellent scrub and I use oatmeal FOR EVERYTHING.. just


Virgin Coconut Oil
(For extra dry skin and moisturizer)

Extracts and Oils
(For Fragrance)

..Egg whites, I personally don't use these but they're excellent for oily skin types!

*Adding sugar or salt creates a body or a facial scrub.

You can combine any of these ingredients to make a personalized mask that best benefits your skin type and your ingredient preference.  I would recommend using them 1-2 times a week.  A lot of these ingredients work as a buffer to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin so using them more might cause irritations.

Have fun and happy relaxing!

Candice S.

Child Wall Art

This week has been CRAZZZZYYYYY.  I have been relentlessly on the go bringing Harmony to school, which she loves, and commuting back and forth at that!  Mark Jr. and I are so excited for our two days off where we can lounge in our pajama's for the entire weekend.  Preschool is kicking our butt!

I haven't had to much time to get projects done.. sad face.  I did, however, do some more decorations for Harmony's room.  We love tissue paper so we decided since we have an entire birthday bag full of it that we would keep creating more decorations to match the bookholder we made a week or so ago.  My personal goal is to create and make all of our wall decorations for the kids rooms.

I bought some dowel's a few weeks ago and couldn't remember "why" I bought them in the first place.  I remember putting them on my shopping list because of some amazing project I wanted to do.  Can't even begin to remember the "amazing project" (Don't worry, I do this often) so I decide to come up with some idea's of my own.  Whether they're good or not..who knows.  Classy?  Nope.  Cute for a little girls room?  Check!

Here it goes.

Love shadow boxes and have made so many with Harmony for her ponies and barbies.  Loved this idea!  It's about 12 x 10.  Finally used our T-Shirt Yarn to hang it!
Decorated Mason Jar- Pinto Bean Plants.
I dyed the t-shirt yarn to create the flower wall decorations.  It was so easy and very simple to use.  Some buttons, coffee filters and tissue paper made the flowers, and my new best friend -my hot glue gun.
Coffee Filter and Tissue Paper Flowers- And A Butterfly.

They came out so cute and everything compliments each other regardless of their childlike appearance.  Harmony loves all of her handmade art.  :)

Happy Crafting and Happy Friday!  Wooohoooo!

Candice S.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

T-Shirt Yarn

Recycled T-Shirt Yarn.  So simple.  So easy.  Even "I" can do it!

Thank you, Our Journey To A Simpler Life, for the full tutorial that includes a video for people that are visual learner's like me!  .. And for giving us an excellent recycling adventure that eliminates waste and crap... I love new idea's!

Ok, so this is by far, the neatest thing I have ever thought to do with the million of dull looking t-shirts that I end up throwing out every month because they are not "white enough"..thank you husband!  HA!

Below is just a recent example of clothes I am donating and white t-shirts that I was going to pitch in the garbage..until now.. ;)

What to do:
#1 Lay the t-shirt straight and cut the end seam off. 

#2 Start a cut that exhibits cutting a spiral out of the t-shirt.

#3 When you have finished cutting the "spiral" strips.. you just start from one end of you yarn and pull al of the way to the other end to give the "yarn" affect that the below picture has..versus strips that look like cut cotton...hehe..
(I didn't take pictures of this step so go visit that blog for full tutorial)

Don't worry!!.. Scissors were placed there for picture ONLY..not for baby use.. :)  He was just about to make an attempt to eat our yarn..

I balled up our t-shirt yarn!  Thank you Harmony, for modeling it for us!  ;)

..And now..You can crochet to your imagination's end..use it for crafts, knitting, etc.

Here's some yarn that I dyed so I can use it to make a mobile or something* for Harmony's room.

So, now I'm off to bring a little girl to her first day of preschool!  How exciting!

..Oh.. and..
I have officially declared Tuesday, Upcycle Tuesday!  

Have a great one!

Candice S.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Early Christmas- Idea's and Traditions

Happy Friday- Busy Friday for me!!  I have papers and classes on Friday's.. and then usually do some heavy planning for the weekend.

I know that we are not even entering Fall yet.. but I am just too excited to even consider that Christmas is only a few months away.  I am always so eager to start my Christmas shopping and organize my craft idea's..that I wanted to take a moment to share some of the decorating and crafts that we did last season.

There are so many things that you can do with the clippings that come from the bottom of the tree.
This one is my favorite!!  LOVE the smell of fresh Christmas Trees?  ..You'll love putting the extra limbs in a vase with some water.  
Lastly, Decorating with the Snowflakes were my favorite!  Harmony and I enjoyed making these, decorating gift bags with them, and using them for Christmas decor at home.  I'll post a tutorial on how to do these.  :)  

I have so many crafts that are hanging in the balance, so I will be posting more of them soon.  Project Bookshelf and Entertainment Center haven't been started yet.. 

Upcoming tutorials on the following:

How to make T-Shirt Yarn out of a recycled T-Shirt
Lap Books
Mod Podge Puzzles
Wall Hangings
..And More!

Have a great day and Happy Creating!

Candice S.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FREE Business Cards:: DEADLINE, SEPT 1st For Promo Codes!!

Thanks, Money Saving Mom  for posting this offer for FREE business cards or to make mommy cards.  I decided to go ahead and create "Mommy Cards" that contained my personal contact information, address, phone, alt phone, and blog site so my friends and family members have my most up to date information.  Thought it was a pretty nifty idea too, seeing as my daughter starts preschool next week and I will be out of the home five days out of the week.

Go to, select what type of "business" (this promotion only works on "business" card selection), and when you are finished customizing your card the price of $16.95 automatically will show a $0.00 charge.  

Free Shipping Code Is :  ZAZSHIPSFREE for free 7-11 (economy) shipping.  :)  Isn't this amazing!?  Thank you Zazzle for this awesome FREE offer!!  I cannot wait to see my beautiful new mommy cards.  As soon as they come in, I'll post a photo.

Have a great night!  

Candice S.

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