Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"I am not a hoarder, I am not a hoarder.."

I have this "tendency" to take other people's, mainly family..ok, just family's, stuff when they are not looking or even in front of them for that matter.  If I know that they don't use it or if they offer's pretty irrestible for me to just say, NO.  This leads me to believe that my spring cleaning and crap removal system are becoming rather pointless because I just keep cosuming more..CRAP.  I always feel like there's something I can repurpose, re-use, or give-away.  Or, I want to keep it just because it was something memorable from my childhood.  I should write an article on hoarding..specifically when you are in your early twenties and you're a hoarder.  (Oh Lord.. I am getting into my mid-twenties..ewww....) 

For instance.  You must read the following confession.  This was just a recent Facebook Status of mine...  :o)  Just thought I'd share.  Hopefully posting some fun stuff in the next few days when I get a breather! 

"I have successfully raided my Mother's House.. walking away with a bread baking pan, a bundt (sp) pan, and a large muffin tin. Magazine's for arts-n-crafts and scented pinecones. What a find! I love rummaging through stuff that people don't use..especially when they're on vacation. :o) .. Now picking up the beautiful, Harmonious Bonious."

Are any of you hoarder's that find you must keep something even when you know that you really don't "need it"?

 P.S.  My mother and I have a wonderful relationship, even though she knows that I often times, "borrow" some of her belongings and never return them.  Ever.  That being said, I know that she isn't going to miss the 8 x 10 frame I also took.  {Big Guilty Smile}

Happy Wednesday!
Candice S.

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  1. Oh hoarding, yikes I think this is what I am becoming, nahhh or am I? Ughhhh just don't know anymore LOL Great Facebook status message too! LOL I'm not a hoarder! :)


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