Friday, September 10, 2010

Child Wall Art

This week has been CRAZZZZYYYYY.  I have been relentlessly on the go bringing Harmony to school, which she loves, and commuting back and forth at that!  Mark Jr. and I are so excited for our two days off where we can lounge in our pajama's for the entire weekend.  Preschool is kicking our butt!

I haven't had to much time to get projects done.. sad face.  I did, however, do some more decorations for Harmony's room.  We love tissue paper so we decided since we have an entire birthday bag full of it that we would keep creating more decorations to match the bookholder we made a week or so ago.  My personal goal is to create and make all of our wall decorations for the kids rooms.

I bought some dowel's a few weeks ago and couldn't remember "why" I bought them in the first place.  I remember putting them on my shopping list because of some amazing project I wanted to do.  Can't even begin to remember the "amazing project" (Don't worry, I do this often) so I decide to come up with some idea's of my own.  Whether they're good or not..who knows.  Classy?  Nope.  Cute for a little girls room?  Check!

Here it goes.

Love shadow boxes and have made so many with Harmony for her ponies and barbies.  Loved this idea!  It's about 12 x 10.  Finally used our T-Shirt Yarn to hang it!
Decorated Mason Jar- Pinto Bean Plants.
I dyed the t-shirt yarn to create the flower wall decorations.  It was so easy and very simple to use.  Some buttons, coffee filters and tissue paper made the flowers, and my new best friend -my hot glue gun.
Coffee Filter and Tissue Paper Flowers- And A Butterfly.

They came out so cute and everything compliments each other regardless of their childlike appearance.  Harmony loves all of her handmade art.  :)

Happy Crafting and Happy Friday!  Wooohoooo!

Candice S.

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  1. What cute little redheads! Adorable! Thanks for stopping by Cullen Crafts. It's always fun to hear your feedback! Cute blog! Count me as your newest follower.


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