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Hello and Welcome.

Hello there!  Welcome to Rattles and Redheads.  My name is Candice.  Here at Rattles and Redheads you can expect to find tidbits of our daily lives, adventures, and our learning journeys.  You will also see inside the window of moments that make our memories lasting.  This blog is about family, parenting, and teaching.  It is about friendship, comprehension, knowledge, sharing, and fun.  The many adventures of children and their need for knowledge is especially important here, and I make it a point to provide tools, lessons, and additional resources for the teacher, the stay at home mom, the homemaker, the inquisitor, and everything in between.  I started Rattles and Redheads as an opportunity to organize teaching preschool to my daughter, to incorporate and track idea's from other mom's, and to provide instructional postings for crafts and lesson plans.  Before we get into the nitty gritty of my intentions, I would like to introduce you to some meaningful individuals that complete the bigger picture in my life, my family.

Meet Our Family.

My husband and I are best friends and soul-mates.. the whole package.  We delight in each others company and conversations even if there's alwayss school, chores, work, and family obligations.  We both are full-time students, parents, career oriented, and are constantly aiming toward a goal or aspiration.  Out of all of our daily tasks, we still love to learn, live, and grow together.

The Redhead.  Harmony.

Harmony will be five years old in July.  She loves My Little Ponies, science projects, writing and drawing aimlessly, and testing her artistic capabilities even when they become VERY messy.  She's a fun loving gal who is outspoken, full of spunk, love, and devotion.  Harmony loves exploring and discovering new things and especially loves books.  We have been working together on learning how to read and she is adjusting marvelously to our phonics books and gaining further skills in letter recognition.  Not a day goes by where she doesn't amaze me.  I will start submitting some quotations of Harmony's to provide you with an idea of how fresh and intelligent my little tulip can be.  :)

The Stud.  Mark Jr.

Mark Jr. is a year old and quite a handsome fella.  He is such a happy baby who adores his older sister and the play dates that they immerse themselves in.  It amazes me how easily two children who are so far apart in age that can actually play as if they're months apart.  Mark loves "rattles", baby board books with textures, sounds, blocks, anything that is consumable (which is everything), and FOOD!  He is an excellent addition to our family and one of the sweetest.

Things We Love.

We love to explore life, nature, and learn about all we can.  We reside in Florida and find that there is so much to do and so little time!  Whether it's going to dinner, watching movies together, hanging out by the pool, or riding our bikes, we most definitely enjoy each other's company.  Our normal Sunday activity is taking a big nap, which is something I look forward to!  We delight ourselves in anything our heart desires, within reasonable limits of course.

Preschool Schedule and Activities.

You can review our preschool schedule and information on our Weekly Preschool Planner.  We have preschool Monday through Friday without specific time limits.  I teach in thematic units, or try, and have at least one weekly science project and one daily craft.  I am currently using Progressive Phonics's, Alphabetti Phonics Books.  They are free to the registrant.  We print these out with the activity booklets once a week.

If you have any further questions let me know!  Take a look around and have fun!

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