Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Decorations & Crooked Mirrors

Mama Spider and Baby Spider.
..I swear, my mirror's aren't's totally the photographer's fault because her silly husband randomly tossed her memory chip up in the air a week or so ago (don't ask me why, men are strange).  Yet again, I apologize for crappy pictures.

We're having a fun day making Halloween decorations for around the house.  Our house can't be scary- per Harmony, so we made cute spiders and a few ghosts.  So far, this is what we have come up with.  I'll be adding more as we go.  :)  
Traced spiders onto construction paper, cut out, and applied googly eyes.
Spooky Mirror Ghost.  :)
Fun ghost made out of scrap paper and a sharpie marker.  A job for Mom.
Closer view of Baby Spider. 
Happy Thursday!

Candice S.


  1. Cute little it! Your pictures look totally fine. You have inspired me to add my blog name on photos. Do you use picnik or some site like that to do that? I just am so leary of posting photos freely like that on my blog but if I can do something like what you do, I might just feel a whole lot better.

  2. :) Thank you. We had fun- I do use Picnik and I love it!! It's fast uploads, select font and add text, and then save. After that, you're ready to roll!

    Thanks, again and enjoy your weekend!



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