Sunday, November 14, 2010

Number Re-Cap Game

The Number Re-Cap Game is a fun number recognition game that allows your child to sort through bottle caps and separate them by number, as well as practice their counting.

Here's out it works.  

You mark one bottle cap with the #1, 
then you mark two bottle caps with the #2, 
and then you mark three bottle caps each with the #3.  

I did this up to the #10 until I can collect some more bottle caps.  You're going to need about 55-60 or more.  The best part about this game is, Harmony LOVES it and it never gets boring.  I will need around 200 total bottle caps as I want  to include the alphabet, shapes, and more difficult colors. 

For more on this activity you can few this detailed tutorial from one of my all time favorite websites,

Enjoy learning and have a spectacular weekend!

Candice S.

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