Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Book Review Tuesday: Thanksgiving Book-Turk and Runt

I wanted to share an excellent Thanksgiving book with you that you are your little one's will find very entertaining.  It is considered to be a comedy called, Turk and Runt.  Turk is a large turkey who assumes, with the help of his mother and father, that he is being selected by human's to go do something great.  His idea is to become the next football player or dancer.  :)  Turk's brother, Runt, knows better and does everything he can to keep Turk safe.

Definitely a must read!  Harmony and I got this book from the library last week and have re-read it many many times.  Ms. Harmony just can't put it down!

..And I have to share this with you.  Harmony was informed a few weeks ago what a hot dog is made of, by your's truly.  (Hey, she asked now.. I wasn't going to LIE)  She has yet to consume another hot dog- for we are only purchasing the chicken dogs now.  Here's the funny part.  The entire time we are reading and re-reading this book, she keeps going "Yummmmmmm.." and "I can't wait to eat turkey for Thanksgiving, Mommy."  Can you believe this kid?  I even told her that a pig and a turkey are still animals alike.. but it didn't phase her.  Not one bit or one tear.. just, "Yummy, hmmm-yummm, Turrkkeeeyyyy."  I guess that piggies are just too cute to think about eating.

Enjoy your Tuesday and check out this book!

Candice S.


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