Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Preschool Planner 11/01/10 =)

Happy Wednesday!!

I have been a busy bee planning, cleaning, planning, teaching, trying to catch up on my own academic endeavors.. just plain ol' busy!  :)  I wanted to share a rough draft of our preschool week.  This is most of the stuff we have accomplished this week.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is our normal preschool day's but with Halloween on Sunday, I was too tired trying to get paper's turned in, etc. to plan our week Sunday night.  I usually sit down Sunday Evening's and find some fun stuff for Harmony and I to do.  You can also easily incorporate developmental activities with your babies, like my 7 month old, as you are teaching your preschooler.  I do not have a play room so we utilize our living room.  I also pick a theme for the week, as this week is FALL and a letter.  I haven't figured out how to incorporate shapes (as Harmony knows all) or numbers quite yet.  There are a lot of areas that we are just trying out for now to see Harmony's learning and tolerating speed.  Four year olds are super busy so she tends to give me an allowance of 30 minutes before she starts climbing the walls.  

Enjoy and check for updates at the "Kids Corner" section of Rattles and Redheads.

Candice S.

11-1-10PreschoolPlanner Sheet1

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