Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Savannah (Cousin) "The Devil" and Harmony "Glittery Witch"
Our family had such an amazing and productive, October.  Mark and I decided that I would further Harmony's preschool education at home so we have been busy creating lesson plans and utilizing so many wonderful educational and developmental resources that are available out there.  Free resources are the best and they are so much MORE useful when you have mom's using them hands on, just like we are!  :)  You will be seeing a significant amount of fun preschool activities and idea's.  I think that I'll be including our weekly theme and schedule for you all, as well.  I will be placing this on Rattles and Redheads, as soon I as I update it.

Happy Belated Halloween!  -I so should have said this, yesterday.  You have to love how late of a blogger I am.  I am always one step, behind.  HA!  I wanted to share my scary halloween babies with you.  They were pretty dang adorable.

Look at these way too cute "trick or treater's".  =)

Harmony "The Glittery Witch"
Mark Jr. "The Cuddly Lion"
My kids were too stinkin' cute.  Note to self next year, "Do not dress up 7 month old in way too hot costume.. when we live in Florida and it's 80 outside.  He will not stay in it for the entire evening, period."  Ok.  Other than that!  Our day was well spent and so were we!

I hope that each of you enjoyed your Halloween this year!  Muuahhahahahahaha!  (In scary crazed Halloween voice).. lol.

Candice S.

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