Friday, November 12, 2010

Sensory Trays

Get excited!  Come on.. My excitement is radiating all over me right now as I'm looking for excellent idea's to create a sensory tub/work table for Harmony.  I have seen so many amazing, AMAZING idea's for sensory tubs and how they apply to your child.

Ok.  So what is it?  A sensory tub is an array of learning objects (think I-Spy) thrown into a tub.  You can do this with little thought or pick a theme and go with it.  For instance, you feel that you want a fall theme, then you collect fall leaves, acorns, add in a small bucket or cup for pouring, and let your child go at it!  The point is this.  You want your child, from ages 2-5 (as long as they don't eat anything) to utilize the tools that you have provided for him/her by using their five senses. 

The best thing about sensory tubs is that you are promoting learning and development in the following areas:

  • "Fine motor skills (eye-hand coordination)
  • Creativity (artistic skills)
  • Creativity in play (deciding how to use the materials)
  • Social skills (sharing, cooperating)
  • Emotional development (tension releasing, soothing, failure proof, and confidence building)
  • Knowledge of science (experimentation, evaporation, gravity, physics, construction, and engineering)
  • Knowledge of math (1:1 correspondence, counting, and concepts like grouping, sequencing, weight, volume, and measurement."
Preschool Education Articles. (2010). Sensory Materials. Retrieved on November 8, 2010, from

Colored Rice
I finally found an idea that would be perfect for our fall themed preschool week.  We made a sensory bowl and then put it into a tray for better access!  First, we started by coloring our white rice to stand for our red and yellow fall leaves.  After, we even added pipe cleaner's that are converted into apples and oranges to use for our pinecone/tree's.  Harmony has played with this every single day since last Monday.  She has added objects to it to fit to her liking.


Candice S.

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