Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Simple & Elegant Picture Puzzle

Love my puzzle, cause I do!  :)

Supplies needed:

Left over gift boxes from Christmas

Some Mod Podge and a itsy bitsy brush


Apply a thin layer to your gift box and set a family picture or whatever type of picture your heart desires onto your gift box.  This will allow the puzzle to become sturdier, somewhat like card stock.

I applied a layer of mod podge to "seal" the photo from moisture and oils that are on our fingers.  It can actually ruin the photo.  After that, WAAA LAAAA!  Trace your puzzle shapes onto the back of the picture and cutout with X-acto Knife or scissors.

That's all you need to create this beautiful puzzle.  I was so impressed with how it came out.  Harmony's loves putting it together.

I am going to be posting a recyling series on multiple outlets that you can use to recycle a lot of household goods and use them for school activities, craft activites, and even decor!  There are so many idea's floating around out there that I can't wait to share with you.

Have a great Tuesday!

Candice S.

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