Friday, January 21, 2011

Ballerina Wand

 Harmony begged Santa to bring her a ballerina wand like Angelina Ballerina's.. but Santa couldn't find one.  :(  ... What to do, what to do..  Mommy to the rescue!  
I took a dowel and covered it with a mixture of silver glitter and Mod Podge.  I have done this so many times before and it comes out so pretty when you mix the Mod Podge with glitter!  
Then I took some red ribbon from our Christmas box and started wrapping the end of the dowel until I had a decent length for my "Angelina" to twirl around with.  

I hot glued some gems onto the ribbon but we've been slowly removing them.  They provide a little sting when you're twirling spastically and get hit with one.  So beware of its beauty and the possibility that may want to decorate the dowel with jewels and not the ribbon itself. 
 This is just another of the many lessons in the life of crafting that I have learned.

Then you can.. "Get down, get down, get down!"  

Have a wonderful weekend!

Candice S.

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