Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter Egg Counting Game

Our household has not had too many preschool activities going on.  I do apologize for not posting as often as I would like.  We are in the process of relocating and have started packing arts and crafts tools.  My husband and I also just started a small break from school so with all of these things in mind, I have slacked in maintaining Harmony's preschool schedule and sticking to it.  That being said, we are slowly getting back into the swing of things and will hopefully be creating some Earth Day, Easter, and Spring crafts and lesson plans within the next few weeks after we have successfully moved.  Until then, bare with our disarray of posts.

  Sorting, matching, color coding, or spelling- Harmony pretty much enjoys all of these things.  With this fun game, you can match the numbers to the eggs or you can have an egg hunt outdoors or indoors.  ..You can even just toss them all over your living room and have an egg party like our house did this afternoon. 

The possibilities are endless and enjoyable for children who are learning how to recognize numbers 1-18.

Happy Spring!

Candice S

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