Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spunky Ramona- The Book Collection

Beezus and RamonaRamona the Pest (Ramona Quimby (Pb))Ramona the Brave   [RAMONA THE BRAVE] [Paperback]
Beverly Cleary started writing the Ramona series with the first book "Beezus and Ramona" setting Ramona's age at four years old.  Harmony and I have been reading this collection based off of our love for the movie that came out in 2010, Ramona and Beezus .

Ramona is full of love, character, and spunk.  She and Harmony are very much alike (which is why Harmony adores the books).  Ramona is always finding herself in predicaments or conflicts because of her curiosity, and often, she is told that she just needs to "grow up".  You can read about her adventures through Pre-K until she is much older.  This series is also about family, siblings, and unconditional love no matter what your transgressions might be.

The best part of all?  It leaves my little five year old wanting more, chapter after chapter! 

What chapter books do you enjoy reading with your children?

Candice S


  1. My little one is too young for chapter books but she already loves reading. Her favorite right now is I love you through and through by Rossetti-Shustak and all the Karen Katz books too.

  2. We have been getting Karen Katz books! I love her illustrations, they are beautiful and the stories are fitting for all ages. :)



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