Wednesday, August 3, 2011

School Ready: Organizing Children's Room with Picture Labels

All too often I hear, "MOM, I can't find my socks!" Or, "My underwear are missing!!" Most days Harmony enjoys being independent and gathering up what her daily necessities; her undergarments being number one on the list.. But lets face it, organizing a five year old's room is not easy. We have established putting toys away and picking up after we're through playing, not that it always happens. Although we have the basic methods of cleaning grasped, putting things totheir actual places has still been a little difficult. I made these labels to help Harmony to know where to put her most used and basic items. The labels have detailed pictures and words, as she is learning to read. I thought it was especially important to make detailed labels for her dresser because she is starting school next week.

I made labels for her larger quantity items, such as her ponies, barbies, and their accessories. Since Mark Jr. was born, we have made it an attempt to keep small barbie accessories off the floor. Those pieces have been aimlessly thrown into the toybox where they become unused or out of reach. Therefore, Harmony was excited to see her favorite babies shoes and hair pieces all in one spot! 

Once I finished with Harmony's room, I knew that I was one a roll and that there are several, equally important things that we use on a daily basis, such as our toothbrush and toothpaste.  These are basic words that she'll need to learn and that way she gets a visual tool daily..

Lastly, I made labels for the kitchen because Harmony enjoys fixing herself something to drink or occasionally making a sandwich.  She tries to be independent in the kitchen with the supervision of an adult, which we allow within reason.

Do you need some help getting your children organized for school?  If you are interested in using these basic labels, I have included them so you can download and then print them right out!  We have been using the label system for a few days now and Harmony has done excellent with it!  She has direction in her room, and so does her belongings.

Have a great day!
Candice S


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