Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Apple Tree Sewing Activity (18 months-Grade K)

I adapted my own version of this sewing activity from the apple thematic unit that I found on Pinterest.


Apple Tree's for Sewing:

*  Drew the tree top and then the stump on two different types of scrapbook paper.  You can use construction paper or even newspaper!

*  I then sliced up a cereal box to provide more support for the tree (you can use a cardboard box.. a cereal box is thinner so it's easier to cut)

*  Modpodge your tree and stump onto the cardboard and wait for it to dry.

*  Cutout after they have dried.

*  Glue tree onto stump.  (this is entirely optional, but much easier if you are making these for sewing)

*  Grab your hole punch and start punching!  :)

*  Measure your yarn (I found that threading the tree's was the easiest way to go about this so you could figure out just how much yarn you're going to need)

*  I cutout felt apples for Harmony's complicated sewing apple tree.  For the smaller tree I cutout circles and then stems.  I glued them onto baby food jars that I've had saved up for art projects so Mark Jr. (18 month old) can handle the smaller pieces more easily AND so he doesn't eat them.  He loves doing that.  :)

It was super easy!  My hand is killing me, however, from having to punch all of those holes for Harmony's tree.  I kept Mark Jr.'s (on the left) simple so he could get accustomed to stringing it through without becoming frustrated.  I can't wait to see what they think tomorrow!

What other types of fun sewing activities do your little one's enjoy doing?

Candice S

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