Saturday, October 1, 2011

Autumn Apple Wreath

Did I mention, that I am utterly in love and completely addicted to Pinterest?  Well, I cannot help but find an amazing array of inspiration everywhere I click...Starting with this awesome Autumn Apple Wreath pictured below from The Crafty Crow.

 I saw it and couldn't help but think that it was completely age appropriate for my 18 month old and my five year old to do together!  .. Let me tell you, it was a huge hit in our house this morning! 

Here's what you need:

Two Cereal Boxes
Red Paint for Apple Stamp
Green Paint for Thumb Prints
(I'm glad that I decided to go with our homemade finger paint recipe because Baby Brother enjoyed taking in between work breaks to munch on his apple)
Scissors to cutout the apple's after they dry.  I did Mark Jr.'s and Harmony dd her own.
Hot Glue Gun for Parent (Tacky glue did not hold)

Have fun making your Autumn Apple Wreath!

During the "drying process" we decided to have some story time.  The following is our Fall theme books that we selected from the library and we've enjoyed every one of them!

Candice S

1 comment:

  1. Those came out really cute Candice. The kiddos looked like they had alot of fun too :)


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