Friday, August 24, 2012

*New* Toddler Planner

This Toddler Planner has been broken down into four weeks, and then broken down by development and activity details.

It super easy to use.  You can print it or use it virtually.  The choice is yours!

I did a comprehensive study on what the average two year old milestones are and how to incorporate this into lesson plans.  Two days of toddler learning a week is going to be our starting point for Tot Spot activities; anything more, would be torturous to my very active two year old.  The topics are very basic and cover all subject matters tailored, by you of course, to incorporate any form of activities for those topics.  You can personalize your activities, use online resources, or Pinterest to find great teaching activities, games, and printables for your babies.

Or, you can keep it very very simple.  If it is a sensory topic, you can gather different textures from your linen closet and talk about the textures with your eager tot.  Simple. 

If you are interested in further information regarding the resources for lessons, and how I selected what topics to focus on in the two days that we are going to teach then I can provide them to you upon your request.  I hope that you are able to enjoy this planner- and that you are more than willing to share ideas on adjustments that need to be made or tips on what you think needs to be changed.

Thank you and enjoy!

Four Week Toddler Planner With Summary

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