Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Advent Jar

How cute did this come out?  I was quite impressed, myself.  HEHE.  I love it and I love what it contains.  I recycled a jar and cut some wrapping paper into square's to make this advent jar.  

For each paper that you pull out, thirteen square's exactly, you will read the following information.. :)

Make Christmas Present
Read a christmas book
Make a tent in the living room and have dinner in it
Make a reindeer Christmas Ornament
Bake Christmas Cookies
Watch Christmas Movie
Hot Chocolate Night
Learn a new Christmas Carol
Discuss the meaning of Christmas
Drive around neighborhood and look at Christmas Lights
Create Family Handprint Tree
Make baby food jar snow globe
Make Christmas Ornament

I added one extra- just in case we wanted to do an additional Christmas Activity!  :) 

Merry Christmas!
Candice S.


  1. I love the idea of having different Christmas activities. Great job! I bet it was a lot of fun. :)


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