Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preschool Week, 12/6/10 and Giving Theme

Everything for Early Learning, Preschool
We use the Everything for Early Learning, Preschool Book for all of our worksheets, minus a few printables that I find from online resources.

Weekly/Monthly Theme:  

This year Harmony is old enough to start learning about giving to the poor and really learn about appreciation.  This week we have sorted through toys, of which Harmony has selected several herself to give away, and we have sorted through clothes.  We are making donation to the Salvation Army.  I think it is important for our kids to know the wonderful joy of Christmas that doesn't just consist of "getting" but of giving to those that are not as fortunate as we are.

Letter of the week:  

"H" Worksheets from Everything for Early Learning, Preschool and "H" Snowman 
Activities include fine motor activities and coordination promotion of writing, worksheets, arts and crafts, etc.  I decided that we are not going to do the mini book from First-School this week, as I noticed Harmony was getting a little bored.

Word and Trait:

Sight Words:

four, my, is, like, red, I, am

Math Lessons: 

Adding and Subtracting, Recognition, Sorting, and Measurements in Practical Life Applications are applied daily.

Tools for Math Lesson: 
Beans, lids, jars, and bottle caps

Will post on library book selection.  Any good selection's for Christmas books??

Review our crafts section on our preschool planner.  :)

New Nursery Rhyme:

Little Jack Horner Nursery Rhyme

Little Jack Horner
Sat in a corner
Eating his Christmas pie.
He stuck in his thumb
And pulled out a plum
And said, "What a good boy am I!"

What are some of the life lessons you would like to teach your kids this time of year? 

*If you are interested in donating your used goods that are in decent condition, then please take the time to visit the Salvation Army's website.  They also do business and residential pick up's.  Please, keep items out of household trash when you can donate it to someone who can use it or even more importantly, an individual that has need for it.

Merry Christmas!
Candice S.

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