Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Idea's

Here are a few quick idea's of what you can give your Mom for as a gift for Mother's Day.  These are fun gifts that Harmony and I have created in the past from recycled materials and things laying around the house.
Sugar, Honey, Vanilla, and Brown Sugar Handscrub.  Simple ingredients, mix about a tsp of vanilla and equal parts sugar and honey until moistened.  The labels are made from recycled paper and modpodged on, as well as lids.  This handscrub can be made with various scents and oils, so have fun!!  They work GREAT for removing paints and craft glue from artist's fingers.  :)

Paper Weights from recycled baby food jars.  They say "Your love weights down my heart."  Made from food coloring and corn syrup.

Chocolate Covered Chex Mix.  Super simple and fast!  YUMM.
 Tissue Paper and Egg Carton Bouquet of Flowers.
Cherry Blossom Hand Print made from construction paper, brown paper bag (recycled), tissue paper, glue, and an old book that Harmony and I decided we were going to use for crafting.

If you need last minute gift idea's these are quick, easy, and super cute!  For more idea's you can visit Silly Eagle Books, Tip Junkie, and Martha Stewart.

Happy Mother's Day!


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