Saturday, May 21, 2011

Science Experiment Saturday: Chemical Reactions- with Color

We have had such an excellent preschool week- mainly having fun and playing!  For a while my household was off track due to our move, but we are slowly and surely getting back up and running.  I often wonder if those are the most receptive moments in a child's mind, when they are learning and exploring something that they enjoy.  Nothing makes me happier then seeing Harmony or Mark spark at a new adventure, whether it's a new project, or reading a book.  Children amaze me.  This week we have explored colors, read a million books, and have done quite a bit of arts and crafts.  This has definitely been an artistic week for us, which is why I think we've enjoyed it so.  Since we are learning with colors this week, I decided that this would be an excellent way to incorporate mixing primary colors into secondary colors, as well as, seeing the two different substances have a chemical reaction!  Boy oh boy, did we LOVE this!

We mixed our colors first- just a drop of food coloring, per color.  Then we added the baking soda, grabbed our camera, and poured in the vinegar!  I think the best part was Harmony's reaction after she poured the vinegar in.. 

After we tried it the first time, we kept on making our mini-magic potions of color.  This time, I got it on video.... yeah, I'm a dork- but it was too cute!

What science experiments have you done with your kids?  I would love to hear about them.. :)

Candice S.
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