Sunday, May 29, 2011

Harmony Says..

Harmony has decided that she wants to be Sharpay Evans from Highschool Musical and sang a wonderful rendition of "I am fabulous... fabulous.. and I WANT MORE!"  And you better believe that when she said "fabulous" that she used the quotation fingers.. oh YES.  Thank you Disney for creating such wonderful role models.  :)

Harmony and Mark are sharing a hot dog this evening.  -I thought it was rather strange that Harmony was "sharing" anything at all, not that she doesn't often share with her brother.  She says, "Baby Brother here, you can have half of that hot dog."  I say, "Harmony, awwwww.. that is so nice of you!"  Harmony replies, "Yeah..", she says with a shrug, "He got the pigs butt!"

Social Skills.
I was informed by my brilliant and beyond intelligent daughter this week that she often hears me mutter language that is inappropriate.  I loved the lecture that came after of how I need to straighten my act out before her brother starts learning such naughty words.  Needless to say, I was rather apologetic.

What fun phrases do you hear from your kids? 

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