Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cherry Seeds, Sweet Potato Vines, and A Crazy Gardener.

I try to grow a lot of crazy things that come into my home and although most meet their end by becoming partially consumed, I usually save the leftover pits, and/or seeds.  :)

Example:  Potato Plant I have had for almost a year.  It's a sweet potato vine that grows, I cut it back, and then it grows some more.  Harmony and I, love it!!  I know that it's suppose to have more leaves..but I think a pretty little read-head enjoys plucking them off and using them as trees for barbies and such.  Here's our plant, below.

I recently stumbled upon a new gardening endeavor!  Love those!  We had cherries and I got this silly notion in my head that I might be able to grow more cherries from one of the cherry pits.  I decided to wash the pits/seeds and then place them in a small bowl of water to soak.  The cherry pits have been soaking in water for the last two days (I just wanted to see if I noticed a difference in the seed barrier breaking down, but nothing)..  I found this tutorial letting me know that not only can I grow cherry trees from the seeds/pits of cherries, but they can grow up to 8 feet high!!  Whewww buddy!


Photo Credit- (Country Brook Farms.com, 2010)
We are going to attempt to grow a cherry tree by planting about 8 seeds.  I plan on decoupaging a tin can to use as the cherry seeds new, temporary, home.  :)  Pictures coming soon!  Wish us luck.

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  1. That would be awesome if the cherry tree grows! I remember our neighbors had a cherry tree across the street from us when I was a little girl and we loved picking cherries and eating them straight off the tree!

    Thanks for you kind comments on my fish project. :)


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