Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Upcoming Projects and "Thank-You's"

Thank you blog mom's and every creative blogger out there for providing your viewers with tutorials on such phenomonal craft creations!

I have so many plans and ideas that are consuming my every being.  I am so inspired by fellow blogger's out there that are making, creating, and showing their artistic capabilities.  There are so many beautiful creations and innovations that MOVE me.  I look at every piece of furniture in my house that I don't particularly like..You know, those pieces that you discuss with your husband about tossing and purchasing a newer, updated version?  ..I will toss nothing but rather take on the hobby of repurposing and refurbishing it myself!  I am soooo excited!

Just thought I'd share my crafty aspirations and say it out loud!

Next on my list:

Project Bookshelf

Project Entertainment Center

I have a small black entertainment center that I purchased from Walmart many many years ago.  It is made out of cheap, crapola- particle board.  There are chipping sections around the edges toward the front where there is actually exposed particle board..Any ideas on how to refurbish this?  Can I strip the outer particle board casings that are embellishing the top edge of this fashion sore?

Thankful for inspiration, opportunity, and aspiring toward the goal!


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