Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rattles, Redheads, and Blogging

Good Day!!  This is my first, official, public blog!  I am very unfamiliar with blogging, or even how to do it properly.  I'm not even sure what the basis for my blog will be, still undecided.  If you have any ideas of how to fix my page, or adjust my sponsors (If I have, feel free to comment below with additional help or suggestions.

Why blog?  I figured that I would want to write about the fabulous ideas of crafting, decoupage, book altering, and plant growing that I do with my children daily.  I stay very busy keeping up with my house (yeah, RIGHT! HA!), taking care of my 4 month old little boy, and keeping up with my four year old little girl.  I have seen so many wonderful blogs that consist of green living, religious living (not in our house, so not for us!  I respect that regardless, though.) ..and finding creative ways of recycling and thrift.  I want my blog to be an inspiration to the person that is looking for a new idea for their children, breastfeeding help, craft ideas, and ultimately, ideas to pursue with their kids or family.  I am very family oriented and find that life is about loving and learning with the one's you love.  

My Babies!
My children keep me on my toes and although I have had four years to absolutely indulge in my daughter, Harmony, I cannot wait to have the same opportunities of learning and playing with my son, Mark Jr.  Harmony has been a delight to teach, to read with, to successfully complete each age milestone..she is my light!!  I feel that the last four years have flown by but were crammed full of love, devotion to one another, and to opportunity of having her home with me and out of the daycare system.  Harmony and I had so much fun together and now she's off to school, preschool, in early September.  I have complete confidence that she is socially ready and willing to leave the nest and fly free without me, because she tells me so.  :)  I'm excited for her.

My Amazing Family- Mark Sr., Mark Jr., ME :), and Harmony
My husband is amazing and truly the bestest friend I could have ever asked for.  Since our son has been born we haven't been able to find the time for each other like I wish we would be able to, but we're working on it.  He's my support system and shelter, my protector.  I'm in love with him and every attribute, good and bad.  He is an excellent provider, father, and husband ..and has allowed me to stay home with my babies while I have pursued my degree, online at Colorado Tech University.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I would love for him to "willingly" take out the trash or want to do the dishes..but he can't be THAT perfect.  lol.. Regardless, I am truly blessed to know a love like this, to have faith in a family like my own, and to wake up smiling (not always, so lets be real here..) every morning raring to go!  

Welcome and Blessings.

Candice and Family :o)

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