Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Hands and Beans

Harmony and I have several gardening adventures that I usually find on preschool or elementary school science project websites.  Of course, we do so many gardening projects because I haven't been blessed with a green thumb and I tend to ..over water and kill all of our fun projects.  This gardening endeavor I actually remember doing in my science class when I was in fifth grade!!  Luckily, for Harmony, our plant is growing like a weed!

What did we do?

Bought an $.88 bag of Pinto Beans from Wally World.  We soaked about 20 beans overnight.  I know that that is A LOT of beans, but I'm not sure which ones are going to actually germinate growth so I selected more than necessary for hopeful germination.  We then drained the water the next morning, dampened a paper toilet, folded it in half, and then placed both paper towel and seeds (up to five) in a zip lock bag.  I want to say that about fifty percent of our beans actually were able to be planted, quite a lot more than I had intended.  The remaining either had mold growth from the bag moisture or didn't sprout at all.  Instead of throwing the remainder, unused beans out, you can throw them in your compost pile or in your garden.

For more information on creating a compost pile, click this link:

After about four-five days you have a sustained growth that is allowable for you to plant in a pretty pot, recycled tin can, or container, with soil.  We also recycle glass jars from spaghetti and other store bought items to use as glasses, so I utilized these for a small bean that Harmony wanted as her very own.  :)  It works like a green house for the little sprout.

Science Project Link:

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